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Private XI Server


We are a non-profit Private FFXI Server. We are not pay to play or pay to win and never will be. We are here for one reason: To have fun. At 75 Cap we can relive our favorite game in the state we think it was best. There has been some customization to our server to make it faster to get around, faster to level, and to provide a better experience to our players. Below are more of of the difference you will see.

  1. 75 Cap (Zilart, CoP, some ToAU, and some WoTG) (Do not go past mission 8 for ToAU for now). Will be focusing on getting these missions fixed.
  2. EXP Rate, Page EXP, and Fame are all 2x retail values (NO Exp loss on Death).
  3. Subjobs are unlocked, there is no quest to complete.
  4. SKill Up rate is 9x retail, you can get up to .5 skillups.
  5. Exp Band’s are altered to last longer and give more EXP (Can be purchased more than 1 time per week)
  6. Walking speed is about 75% faster than retail
  7. Only one Limit break – level 70 Maat fight
  8. Start with 1,000,000 Gil
  9. Auction house is fully stocked, lvl 70-75  HQ Gear and Weapons, and abjurations are not on the AH
  10. There are Custom commands to make things easier for you.
  11. @shop sells almost all items needed for leveling and same for @Crafting.
  12. Bibiki Bay Island is the ls hangout spot. You can get there by typing @beach. Shop NPC’s sell common items and medicines, tools ect. for 1 gil
  13. Relic weapon’s have been altered and boosted in certain ways.
  14. Bounding boots, emperor hairpin, K club, peacock charm drop rates have been largely increased!
  15. Custom BCNM’s to obtain Salvage gear. (work in progress)
  16. Mythic Weapons are obtainable!
  17. Custom warps for Experience camps.
  18. Alexandrite and Bakka’s Wings can be traded for certain gear and weapons that are currently unobtainable by normal means. Please see our Wiki under modifications.
  19. We have a daily and weekly quest as well and working on custom weapons for the future.
Signet Buff - Goldsmithing: Regen : Refresh : Exp + -816 Days 20 Hours 27 Minutes 47 Seconds