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Private XI Server

Refer a Friend

Refer a friend is offered on this server to help us build our community. As a reward for bringing a friend over- we will advance you to level 37 on any ‘unlocked’ job (meaning you have to do the quest yourself). The following is required to claim the reward:

(i) You are at least level 37 on one job and you have filled out the form below.

(ii) Your friend has leveled to level 37 on one job and has filled out the form at


  1. If you are playing from the same IP address of your friend some additional information may be required to prove that you are not the same person.
  2. You cannot claim this reward for mules.
  3. You cannot level for your friend.
  4. This reward may only be claimed once per player.
  5. Breaking any of these rules will result in a removal of levels and/or suspension/ban.

Once the requirements have been met and both characters fill out their forms,¬†give it a day or two for a GM to make the change. If you don’t see your requested job at level 37 after 2 days, contact a Tier 4 GM in game.


Fields marked with an * are required
Signet Buff - Goldsmithing: Regen : Refresh : Exp + -816 Days 20 Hours 53 Minutes 36 Seconds