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Comic’s BLM Solo Guide

Hello boys and girls! It’s time for Comic’s Hokutens BLM solo guide! I hope this clears up some questions moving forward into the new update and on!
Target: lizards
Zone: Valkurm Dunes @xpcamp 10
Method: Stone/Fire kite
Target: worms/crabs/pugs
Zone: Qufim Island @xpcamp 24
Method: Fire/Thunder bind or kite
Target: mandragora/goblins
Zone: Yhoator Jungle @xpcamp 28
Method: Blizzard/Stone 2 bind or kite
Target: bats/beetle
Zone: Garlaige Citadel @xpcamp 40
Method: Aero 2 bind or kite (careful floor)
Target: beetles/cactaur
Zone: West Altepa Desert (@oasis and zone)
Method: Blizzard 2/Thunder 2 kite
Target: goblin’s rarab
Zone: Bibiki Bay (@travel and run west)
Method: Flood nuke.
(One shotting will not aggro goblin. He will recall him every 10-15~ seconds. Make sure you have your HQ staff and some gears at this point)
65-75 and merits:
Target: mamool ja’s raptor
Zone: Bahflau Thickets (@meritcamp puks)
Method: Flood/Water 4 nuke.
(Should one shot with proper gear. If resisted, time a tier 2 for kill shot or zone back into mamook. Be careful as all mamools aggro sight and puks aggro both.
ENJOY and I hope to see some more mages at 75 soon!
Keep in mind that the bind aspect of this guide will only really work until update tomorrow, and also that exp will drop come sept 31st. I recommend getting this done asap. This guide can get you 10-75 in one day quite easily.

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Signet Buff - Goldsmithing: Regen : Refresh : Exp + -816 Days 21 Hours 47 Minutes 31 Seconds