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@xpcamp Warps

@xpcamp 10

Valkurm Dunes : 10-20   (Start with FoV page 1 and move towards the area near the secret beach entrance.

You will find plenty of rabbits and Lizards here with little to no agro threats. At ~Lv 24, move to

FoV page 3 and take up your camp at the Oasis)

@xpcamp 14

Maze of Shakhrami : This is an Alternative Camp then xping in the dunes. You should be good here from lvl 14-25~

@xpcamp 24

Qufim Island : 24-40  (Start on FoV page 3, and move your camp to H-5. This is the pass in between the

bluffs and the tower. This page is good til ~Lv37, but depending on the party size and how fast you are killing,

you can jump to page 5. For this page, you will camp the great G-6 area. This will take you to 40


@xpcamp 26

Yuhtunga Jungle 26-28

@xpcamp 28

Yhoator Jungle == 28-30

@xpcamp 36

Crawler’s Nest : 36-58  (Your first introduction to GoV ! You may need a party member or two at level 40, but it will

soon be much   easier. The camp is perfect as in it’s near the entrance, and the targets are crawlers and bees)

@xpcamp 40

Garlaige Citadel: 40-50  (Just like above, at 40 you may need to have a couple party members with you. This is a roaming camp

from the entrance to the first Banishing Gate. Your targets are bats and beetles)


@xpcamp 41

Rolanberry Fields : 40-49    Grab FoV page 5  and make your way to G-11 > H-12 area. Once you have been here awhile,

you will figure out a figure 8 style route you will need to run to have constant mobs and not be waiting on respawn timers)

@xpcamp 42

Gustav Tunnel: 42-50  (Sometimes, the above camps are crowded and you need your alone time! This is a great alternative.

You will need to have a good solo job, since most of your targets agro and link. Said targets are goblins and lizards)


@xpcamp 48

Eastern Altepa Desert : 48-59   The page itself (page 5) can get a little lengthy since there are a total of 9 mobs to kill,

it goes rather fast once you develop the right route around the Outpost area to run. The gobs blow themselves up,

and when soloing, offer massive EXP)

@xpcamp 50

The Boyahda Tree : This camp is here for now, Not sure on the level of party. I added this for a quicker access to skill ups on crabs,

And to get to Fafnir faster.

@xpcamp 52

Western Altepa Desert: 52-60   (The page to grab here is page 3 (11 mobs, WTF!). When soloing, the beetles give massive amounts of  EXP and goes rather fast. This camp is located in the H-8 > H-7 area)

@xpcamp 54

Wajaom Woodlands: 54-62   (-261 -15 78 234)(There is no page bonus for this camp, but the EXP is amazing and you can reach chains as high as 80 if you camp near G-8. With that being said, the target is Colibri and you will need to have a good piercing damage job (WAR with a polearm,

SAM with a polearm, RNG but may be hard to solo, or a DRG).


@xpcamp 60

Ro’Maeve: 60-75   Your page is page 1 (yielding 2600 EXP p/page), and you run the entire map in a circle. Magic users beware!

Everything in this zone magic agroes from very far and even through walls)

@xpcamp 62

Cape Teriggan: 60-75   one of the best solo camps, and a great place to level up your skills! Most mages solo here since it is totally magic friendly. Your target is page 1, so be prepared for some “petrified” moments. Your camp will be around the Outpost)

@xpcamp 64

Kuftal Tunnel: 60-75  (This is one of the least used GoV camps due to the fact there is a big ass dragon roaming the area you set up shop. Page 1 is your target, and it’s best to camp near the sandfalls (J-9 area). This is a great duo camp!


@xpcamp 66

Ifrit’s Cauldron: 60-75   get from 60-75 and also merit. Your page will be #2, and the mobs per page and page yields makes this currently the best camp.

@xpcamp 68

Ranguemont Pass: 65-75   Page 6 is your target, and it’s near the Beaucidine Glacier zone. This camp is awesome and yields amazing EXP after just a half an hour or so of killing, but is very dangerous. Also a good way to get to Jormy.

@meritcamp – Birds, Puks, Puddings


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