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Private XI Server

New Server IP

Server IP has changed to Please refer to Facebook if you have trouble logging in.

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Join our Closed Facebook Group

One of the first steps to getting started should be joining our closed group on facebook, you will be in our community of players who can help you get started.

You will need to request to join the group, generally an administrator will approve you within 5-10 minutes. We also use this page to communicate with players.

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@dem, @holla, @mea, @vaz, @altep, @yhoat will warp you to their respective telepoint crystals at any level. No more waiting on that white mage!

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@warp warps you to your homepoint

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@shop can be used to purchase general items out in the field, this includes foods, medicines, ninja tools and more. Type @shop for more info.

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Signet Buff - Goldsmithing: Regen : Refresh : Exp + -822 Days 16 Hours 43 Minutes 14 Seconds